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Philipine is an amazing woman

She and her team prepare meals for hungry people every day. In her spare time, Philipine does extra work for a company who pays her with fruit and vegetables, which she adds to the meals.

Philipine feeds hungry people in Alexandra, South Africa

They prepare and serve their food in a church in Alexandra, South Africa. Philipine says that no matter how many people arrive that day, they always have enough food :)

After the meal, people have the chance to take a little food back home. On the day we visited, most people took a few rolls and a little fruit to share with others.

In our first week 50 of these people could be fed for a whole month thanks to the #bonhappiTRIBE and #FoodForwardSA. You can join our #wearhappiness movement and feed a mouth for a month just by buying an exclusive t-shirt from www.bonhappi-T.com :)

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