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Irene loves what she does

Every day Irene makes elderly people happy.  She and her helpers serve everyone a delicious meal every day so they never feel hungry.

She provides the elderly with the opportunity to do things they are good at and supplies a place where they feel happy and at home and can be with friends.

From the time he was a small boy, Aleck and his Mom spent most of their time on their own, so she taught him how to sew.  Every day he looks forward to the time he spends at Irene's old age home because he gets to sew. He makes cushions and peg bags that they can sell to help with funds. 

Aleck sewing like his Mom taught him :)

A little while ago, on Mandela Day, Irene went across the road and said to the elderly men who were sitting outside the bottle store that if they visited her old age home and helped with the garden, she would give them a meal. Today, they spend every day there because they enjoy being sober and helpful and spending time with the friends they have made.

Irene happily and proudly took the old age home over from her Grandmother, after whom she is named :)

Ekujabuleni Kwabadala is one of FoodForwardSA's beneficiary organisations. The money you donate by buying an exclusive t-shirt from bonhappi-T.com enables the provision of meals for the underprivileged by these organisations.

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