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How your donation supports Issy Geshen Home for the Elderly

by FoodForward SA

We cannot celebrate our heritage without paying tribute to our elders and the people who take care of them. In keeping with Heritage Month, we highlight the important work of the Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Elderly in Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Issy Geshen Home provides 24-hour nursing care for 69 residents and offers specialized care for elders living with dementia. In addition to the emotional and spiritual support, residents also get to enjoy a variety of activities organised by the occupational therapy department to keep them active.

Elsie Khathi, one of the residents at Issy Geshen Home, loves gardening. She finds it therapeutic. Other residents enjoy veggies from her garden.

We are grateful to the Old Mutual Staff Volunteer Fund Trust for sponsoring their beneficiary organisation membership fees and in this way helping us honour our elderly as living legacies to our heritage. “Issy Geshen has benefitted greatly by being part of FoodForward SA’s programme for three years now,” says social worker Nelly Ngcobo. “Through this program, our elders enjoy freshly baked cakes, buns and bread.”

As part of their occupational therapy program, Issy Geshen House encourages residents to sort out wool and to knit and crochet blankets.

FoodShare, FoodForward SA web-based application, connects the staff at Issy Geshen Home with their local Pick n Pay and notifies them when surplus food is available for collection. “Through these ad hoc and scheduled collections, we receive vegetables, fruits and non-perishable goods. We are truly grateful for this as it decreases our monthly grocery costs. We also receive goods like pies, cereals and snacks which are luxuries we are not always able to provide.”

“We are grateful to the Old Mutual Staff Volunteer Fund Trust for paying our annual membership fee. This allows us to use the money we save to purchase much-needed medical supplies and nappies.” Homes for the elderly make up 10% of FFSA’s network of beneficiary organisations.

One of Issy Geshen Home’s staff members with Mrs. Guma who turned 101 this year!

Residents at Issy Geshen Home enjoys singing and participate in an annual choir festival. Unfortunately, this year’s festival has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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