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How it all started :)

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Bonhappi-T came from the realisation that most of us would love to help others in need but besides things like buying a raffle ticket or doing a fun run, we simply don't know how to. We figured that if we could create an easy, fun way to do it, meaningful helping out, could become a part of everyday life.

We decided to build a happiness movement by connecting people who can (all of us) with people who can't (the underprivileged).

We needed a simple mechanism.

To reach the people who 'can'...as most of us buy t-shirts, we chose the production and sale of quality, fashionable, printed, South African made Ts.

our graphic range

To reach the people who 'can't'...hunger is widespread (Zero Hunger is no.2 on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and 14 million South Africans go to bed hungry every day) and it is something you can relate to, so we chose feeding.

Elisabeth Yolisa Home for Children in Masiphumelele

We then joined the 2 together.

How it works...every time you buy a bonhappi-T shirt, on payment, as a part of the affordable selling price, you choose to feed a hungry person or a homeless dog (we added dogs as they are a loved member of many families) for a month (not a day or a week). If we couldn't have found a way to provide feeding for a full month, we wouldn't have started bonhappi-T.

On receipt of the payment, on behalf of the purchaser,

the people-feeding amount it transferred to NPO FoodForward SA who provide food to 600+ Beneficiary Organisations nationally

and the dog-feeding amount, in partnership with NPO #DoMore, provides an 8kg bag of Bobtail dogfood to one of our dog charities: KZN Valley Dogs, Project Dog, Inanda Dog Project.

We have suppliers who help us by meeting our quality and flexibility needs at prices that allow us to make the bonhappi-Ts affordable. We have family who add their expertise and catch us when we fall. Thanks. We couldn’t do it without you.

Join the #wearhappiness movement today and let's do this :)

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