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Celebrity Chefs join the bonhappiTRIBE

14 Celebrity Chefs at the Good Food and Wine Show joined the bonhappiTRIBE by choosing bonhappi-Ts and feeding a mouth for a month with every t-shirt chosen.

Australian Chefs George Calombaris and Reuben Davis loved their bonhappi-Ts and took 12 back to Melbourne for their Development team. Together they fed 28 hungry people for a month (we matched their feeding).

Masterchef Australia Judge George Calombaris in his black Africa smiles bonhappi-T

SA Celebrity Chefs loved the many meals bonhappi-Ts and wore them on their shows. They were each feeding someone for a month while they were showing people how to make many meals :)

Wanna Be Chef J'Something in his navy many meals bonhappi-T takes a selfie with a fan

SA Chef Kamini Pather in her coral many meals bonhappi-T joins the #wearhappiness movement

14 Celebrity Chef #wearhappiness followers, sharing happiness with their bonhappi-Ts, helped generate 7 688 days of feeding in 3 days - that's over 2500 days of feeding each day 😄

Signing the Chef Challenge to feed the most mouths, by buying bonhappi-Ts

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