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our story

Bonhappi-T came from the realisation that most of us would love to help those in need but besides raffle tickets and fun runs, we simply don't know how to. My co-founder Felix and I figured that if we could create an easy, fun way to do it then meaningful helping out could become a part of everyday life.

We decided to build a #wearhappiness movement by connecting people who can (all of us) with people who can't (the underprivileged).

We needed a simple mechanism. 

To reach the people who most of us buy t-shirts, we chose the sale of affordable, quality, fashionable, printed South African Ts.

To reach the people who can't...hunger is widespread (Zero Hunger is no.2 on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and 14 million South Africans go to bed hungry every day) and is something we can all relate to, so we chose feeding.

Then, we joined the 2 together.

How it works...we developed a mobile and PC website that includes a global eCommerce store and launched it on 10 August - my Birthday 🎉 Every time you buy a bonhappi-T, on payment, as a part of the selling price, you choose to feed a hungry person or a homeless dog (I love dogs) for a month (not just a day or a week). If we couldn't have found a way to provide feeding for a full month, we wouldn't have started bonhappi-T.

On receipt of your payment, the people-feeding amount is transferred to NPO FoodForward SA and the dog-feeding amount to The Do More Foundation. The amount required to feed for a month is calculated by each NPO.

Our vision is people, globally, connected by an invisible 'do good' thread. Very do-able!

Hope you join us 😄



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