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                                                                                                           Susan and Thanda

I'm Susan Wright and I co-founded Bonhappi-T in August 2016. We started this company to give people around the world a quick and easy way to help others in a meaningful way - you buy a Bonhappi-T and you will personally provide a month of meals to those in need.

Our people-feeding partner, NGO FoodForward SA, distributes nutritious food to over 1000 registered Beneficiary Organisations across South Africa. 1 in 7 people go to bed hungry every day and don't need to, as sufficient food is produced to feed everyone. 30% of usable food ends up in landfills - you can help stop this.


Homeless and hungry dogs receive 8kg bags of Bobtail dog chunks through our dog-feeding partner, The Do More Foundation. The dog food is delivered to our designated charities: Project Dog, KZN Valley Dogs and Inanda Dog and Cat Project.

We are passionate about providing much needed jobs in this beautiful country of ours so all our products are made here in South Africa.


Quality is a top priority for us and each and every order we receive is carefully handled from start to finish by a single person.

Our vision is people all over the world connected by an invisible 'do good' thread and we're getting there!


Bonhappi-Ts are currently worn on 4 continents and so far over 850 000 meals have been provided by our customers.


Hope you buy a tee and join our #wearhappiness movement today 😄